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Client Stories

Delve into these inspiring immigration tales from our valued clients, as they share the profound impact that Australian residency has had on their lives.



Fortunately, my wife found Ellen, who was really helpful and taught me the way step by step, from understanding the application deadline, taking the IELTS English test, admission application, accommodation, guardianship, insurance, to VISA. Everything is ready now, thank you very much. thanks Ellen.


Ellen is a very responsible immigration agent. I forgot to renew my student visa over 28 days caused I violated PIC 4014. After getting her help, I quickly obtained a student visa within a month and returned to Australia to continue completing my studies. Ellen will always answer my questions patiently and professionally and has solved my anxiety. She is definitely a very RESPONSIBLE and KIND! ! ! If you encounter the same problem as me in the future or have any need for further help on your visa, you can also ask Ellen for help!


“Excellent professional service with prompt and friendly responses. Highly recommended.”

Anson Lam | Skilled visa 191

Meet Anson: A Remarkable Immigration Journey

Anson’s journey to becoming an Australian permanent resident is a testament to the transformative power of education and the right immigration guidance. He embarked on his Australian adventure by enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Queensland, under a student visa. After successfully completing his studies in 2019, he set his sights on building a life in Australia.

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With determination and a vision for his future, Anson applied for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485, which allowed him to extend his stay and work in Australia temporarily. As his stay in Australia continued, he became aware of the new Hong Kong stream visa option, which offered a unique pathway to permanent residency.

With the help of AUSTUDYLINK, Anson navigated the complex immigration process with confidence. His perseverance paid off, as he was recently granted the prestigious Permanent Skilled Visa 189. Today, we celebrate Anson’s incredible achievement as he officially becomes an Australian permanent resident.

Anson’s story is a testament to the opportunities that await those who pursue their dreams in Australia, and the guidance that AUSTUDYLINK provides to turn those dreams into reality. We are proud to have played a role in Anson’s success, and we look forward to assisting others in their immigration journeys.

Congratulations, Anson, on your well-deserved success! Your story is an inspiration to all who aspire to call Australia home.

Daisy Santos | Visitor visa 600

Love Knows No Boundaries: Daisy’s Heartwarming Journey

Daisy’s story is a heartwarming testament to the power of love and the impact of expert guidance in navigating the complexities of immigration. Hailing from the Philippines, Daisy’s desire to visit her Australian boyfriend sparked a journey that called for patience, expertise, and determination.

Visitor visas for Filipinos can be notoriously challenging to secure, demanding a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. Recognizing the significance of reuniting loved ones, Daisy turned to AUSTUDYLINK for assistance.

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With our guidance and unwavering commitment, Daisy’s dream became a reality. She was granted a one-year visa to visit her boyfriend in Australia, setting the stage for a beautiful chapter in their relationship. The joy of their reunion was palpable, and they now plan to take the next step in their journey by embarking on the partner visa application process.

We take immense pride in facilitating reunions, witnessing love blossom, and being a part of our clients’ joyous moments. Daisy’s story embodies the fulfillment that comes from uniting loved ones and seeing their relationships thrive.

We extend our warmest wishes to this sweet couple as they embark on their future together. AUSTUDYLINK is delighted to share in their happiness and remains committed to assisting Daisy with her partner visa application. Love conquers all, and we’re honored to play a role in bringing hearts closer together.

Kason Ho | Global Talent visa 858

Meet Kason: Elevating Australia’s Financial Services Landscape

Kason is more than just a successful client; he’s a visionary technophile and a seasoned financial services professional with a track record of excellence. His impressive career spans senior leadership roles across diverse sectors, including asset management, banking, securities, and insurance. Kason’s arrival in Australia marks a significant milestone for the nation’s financial services industry, with the promise of accelerating the adoption of global best practices in asset management.

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With a goal to facilitate Kason’s swift entry into the Australian landscape, AUSTUDYLINK provided him with unwavering professional support. As a testament to the efficiency of our services, Kason received priority processing for his Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa application, setting a remarkable pace for his immigration journey. It’s with immense pride that we share that his permanent visa was granted in under four months, a testament to his extraordinary qualifications and the dedication of our team.

Today, we’re delighted to welcome Kason and his family to Australia in record time, and we eagerly anticipate the transformative impact he’ll bring to our Fintech industry. Kason’s story is a testament to the boundless possibilities that Australia offers to talented individuals and the seamless support that AUSTUDYLINK provides in realizing their dreams.

Kason’s journey is a beacon of inspiration for all those who seek to make their mark on the Australian financial services landscape. We’re excited to see how his expertise and dedication will shape the future of the Fintech industry in Australia.

Congratulations, Kason, on this remarkable milestone, and welcome to your new home Down Under!

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